About #familynatureclub

Inspired by the Childhood Unplugged Instagram project, #familynatureclub is an effort to raise awareness of the family nature club concept championed by Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods. Today, Children & Nature Network’s Natural Families initiative provides training and support for Natural Families and Nature Clubs for Families, serving over 35,000 families who are engaging in frequent active outdoor time together. Yet the concept of family nature clubs remain unknown to many.

#familynatureclub was founded and is currently curated by Jason Runkel Sperling. The effort is a collaboration from leaders and participants in clubs and families from around the world to reveal the profound experiences and benefits facilitated by family nature clubs.

To contribute and be featured, tag images on Instagram using #familynatureclub.

If you’re interested in curating or connecting in general, please contact me. To follow the project visit @familynatureclub on Instagram or click here.