Prepare in Advance

Being a parent is exhausting. Sometimes intentions wither at 6:05 AM on a Saturday morning. To reduce that and other barriers to entry, I find preparing in advance is extremely helpful. By front-loading the previous night with nearly all the … Read more

Timing is everything

I love hiking in the early morning when earth-consciousness and nature are peaceful, calm, and quiet. There is an amazing quality to that time of day. But besides being able to enjoy that feeling, logistics play a big part of … Read more

Never run out of water

I have not had sufficient water on hikes with my daughter a number of times. Preschoolers have low tolerance for dehydration, I’ve learned. Once my daughter discovers we don’t have supplies to quench her thirst her emotional well-being follows a … Read more

You have everything you need

Gear - Hiking at Gregory Canyon Amphitheatre, Boulder, CO

What supplies, gear, and knowledge is mandatory for hiking with your preschooler? None. Once you master Rule No. 1, which takes just seconds, you have everything you need. You can go on your first hike right now. You don’t … Read more

There’s only one rule

Summit - First Summit - Hiking at Green Mountain, Boulder, CO
Getting to the very top of the mountain, the summit, is thrilling. It is a clear goal. It can be a welcomed challenge. The payoff is huge: breathtaking 360-degree views, an overwhelming sense of euphoria, and a big grin of … Read more