First mountain bike adventure at Mud Lake

Nyla embraces her little brother, Silas, at the head of the mountain bike trail at Mud Lake. Then, in a flash, the children zoom off into the forest leaving Silas and I in a cloud of dust. Through the woods … Read more

Biking at Eagle Trail, Boulder CO

Fail - Biking at Eagle Trail, Boulder, CO

Today started like any other adventure day. I had loaded the bikes into the Disco the night before. I had packed our rations and had our clothes all laid out. I was totally psyched to check out a new place, … Read more

Biking at Wonderland Lake, Boulder, CO

West shore - Biking at Wonderland Lake, Boulder, CO

The last several days we’ve spent moving into our dream house in North Boulder, just blocks away from the wildlife sanctuary Wonderland Lake. Sitting at the base of the foothills, the lake is host to sunfish, bass, ducks, geese, snakes, … Read more

Mountain Biking at Valmont Bike Park


Growing up I wasn’t much of a mountain biker. The seats are uncomfortable and compared to snow and water sports, the landings always frightened me. But my daughter (like most kids I imagine) loves riding. By age three she’s mastered … Read more