Most of us understand that our children need more nature in their lives. But the days of free-range childhoods have all but vanished, at least for the time being. So what’s a busy parent to do? With Unplugged, Jason Sperling expertly presents perhaps the most powerful answer to this pressing question—family nature clubs. Dive in and revel in the insights. The result—nature connection—will be one of the most powerful gifts you will ever give to the children in your life.

Scott D. Sampson, author, How to Raise a Wild Child; host, Dinosaur Train; president & CEO, Science World


Most of us think our kids spend too much screen time. Most of us moan on Facebook about this problem. Here’s a book to help BOTH generations rediscover the real world­—and each other!

Lenore Skenazy, founder of the book, blog and movement Free-Range Kids


I hope this inspiring book, Unplugged, moves far and wide and ignites a desire in people to find the wherewithal to start and spread their own family nature clubs, coalescing all in the movement to connect children, families, and communities to nature!

Janice Swaisgood, Director of Family Initiatives, Children & Nature Network


Beyond creating a practical guide to forming and managing a successful, engaging nature program for families, Jason Sperling is an incredible storyteller that will inspire you to take your family, your friends, and your community out into nature. This book will become a staple of our Families in Nature recommended reading list.

Heather Kuhlken, Founder and Director, Families in Nature


If we tell our kids to turn off the TV…then what? This book, that’s what. A step-by-step guide to helping parents step out into nature and step back from the impossibly high demands of 21st century parenting, this book will help your family create memories that matter.

Ashley Trexler, Founder of


This step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide challenges you to unplug and reconnect with nature in a big way. Take the whole family and enjoy!

Mariana Ruiz, Author,


In the busyness of family life, quality time together is often in short supply. If you’re ready to switch off from the distractions and on to making lots of cherished family memories, getting hands-on with nature and reconnecting with the people who mean the most to you, then this book is for you!

Tania Moloney, Founder of Nurture in Nature Australia


If you are a mother or father, then you already know what a minefield parenting can be. There is often a conflict between your gut instincts and what media and society is telling you that you ought to be doing. Here is a book that outlines a plan to help you be the parent that your intuition gently tells you to be. If you do only one thing as a parent, then help your child to connect with nature and adventure. Watching them do so will be the most fulfilling experience you can imagine. If you are nervous, let Jason lead you. You will be very glad that you did.

Wil Rickards, Outdoor & Adventure Educator, Where The Fruit Is


If you want to get your family outdoors more but lacked guidance, this book is your roadmap. Not only will Unplugged get you from point A to point B—from a tech-inundated lifestyle to a nature-focused one offering quality family time—but Sperling also offers advice on best routes, potholes, and detours along the way. And he does it with heart.

Heather Mundt, Founder Momfari, freelance writer/editor

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