Over the last six years I have dramatically changed how I view spending time with my children and what kind of things and experiences to provide for them. Encouraging outdoor, divergent, and risky play, facilitated through the practice of Playwork, has had a profound impact on how my children play, as well as my role in this play. Loose Parts can be recycled, found, or purchased inexpensively, and provide hours, days, weeks, and seasons of engagement. These ideas support healthy child development in an age when our children’s activities, interactions, and attention can easily slip into the hands of those who have a focus on growing their own businesses rather than a human.

My experiences in the last six years have transformed how I see raising children and provided a wealth of joy and happiness for our family. I hope this book will help you begin your own journey.

My parting advice is to begin now, today—or tomorrow at the latest! You can revolutionize your children’s backyard experience inexpensively—it demands little more than a shift in your perception of your role as a parent and your children’s needs in their own journey.

The End

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Extra Help To Get Started

I’ve created a Screen-Free Outdoor Play Planner that you can download and print as a worksheet to get started. It includes the Loose Parts List from earlier in the book as a handy reference. It’s free on my website. Click here to get the Screen-Free Outdoor Play Planner and Loose Parts List.