Quick Start Guide

Here are some things to think about when crafting your mud kitchen:

  • Construct furniture, fixtures, and the space at child height.
  • Incorporate multiple levels or work surfaces, doors, and things for hanging.
  • Set it directly in or next to the supply of dirt and other organic materials.
  • Locate it in shade or partial shade if hot summer days discourage play.
  • Provide self-serve water nearby for play.
  • Establish other areas within the yard as part of the mud kitchen experience.
  • Use real kitchen tools and model real cooking behavior.
  • Include tools across a spectrum of function: stirring, scooping, pouring, mixing, baking, washing, etc.
  • Forage in advance if ingredients are not easily accessible.
  • Avoid elaborate designs or using new materials to remove barriers to starting.
  • Design the kitchen for multiple children so friends can easily participate.
  • Avoid soil or areas with chemicals or dangerous construction debris.
  • Ensure an outside water source for easy cleanup.

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