Examples and Articles of Mud Kitchens

These are links to some of the examples and articles that have inspired me along the way. Keep in mind that much of what has been published on mud kitchens represents substantially impressive designed and developed spaces, whereas my belief and experience has been that mud kitchens do not need to be elaborate or robust in order to support profound experiences for your children. I urge you to review these, but to focus on what can be accomplished within a very short span of time so you can get started immediately. You can build upon your mud kitchen, like I have over months and years.

7 tips for mud play at preschool, Let the Children Play

This provides helpful tips for creating larger and high-traffic play spaces.

10 reasons why we should let children play in the mud, Let the Children Play

Backyard Kitchen, Mama Liberated

An article that documents a quaint and perfect mud kitchen with just the basics—water, dirt, a surface, and come cookware—that kept the little one engaged for hours.

Creating a mud pie kitchen, part 1, Let The Children Play

This documents the evolution of building a mud kitchen in an unused dirt patch.

How to Set Up a Mud Pie Kitchen, TinkerLab

This is a really nice post about how to set up, test, and refine a simple mud kitchen.

Let your kids get dirty!, The Art of Simple

Five reasons dirt is healthy for kids, from boosting immune systems to building adventurous spirits.

Making a mud kitchen, Muddyfaces

This is a complete, step-by-step guide to making your own mud kitchen.

Mud, Preschool Express, by Jean Warren

This website helps you create with mud: brown as mud, mud cake, mud cake candle count, mud baths, mud bricks, “mud pudding” snacks, and more.

Mud garden—part 3, At Home with Ali

This is a thoughtful blog post documenting the design and build of a simple home mud kitchen.

Mud Pie Kitchen, Along the Way

A wonderful photo essay and tour of a romantic and iconic homemade mud pie kitchen.

Mud Pie Kitchen—National Trust, Adventures @ Play

This showcases a well-stocked mud pie kitchen play area at public gardens.

Mud Pie Kitchen, Growing a Jeweled Rose

Plan a natural, inventive, well thought out, simple mud kitchen.

Mud Pie Kitchen Renovation, Child Central Station

This is an awesome story that shares how the family started with a minimal mud kitchen and then, over time, slowly added furniture, fixtures, cookware, and more to make a really profoundly alluring play space.

Mud Pie Kitchens Revisited, Let The Children Play

Inspiring collection of mud pie kitchens, photos, and commentary.

Mud Play Ideas For Kids, Happy Hooligans

Presents a mobile mud kitchen of sorts, perfect if you don’t want to make a permanent mud kitchen.

Outdoor Concoctions Kitchen, The Imagination Tree

Simple, open-ended mud kitchen and play area set up in a home garden.

Outdoor Kitchen—I have one now too!, Pre-School Play

Great example of creating a mud kitchen in an urban setting on the side of a building.

Our Mud Pie Kitchen, Teacher Tom

Innovative use of materials and space to create a multi-dimensional mud pie kitchen.

Play heats up in the outdoor kitchen, Let the Children Play

This describes cooking with wet saw dust, pebbles, twigs, leaves, seeds, and wet sand, on tires, tree slices, cupcake tins, baskets, and benches.

Shopping for Mud Pie Kitchen Accessories, TinkerLab

Shares how to find accessories for mud pie kitchens inexpensively, and their personal story of the same, including how to incorporate children into the process.

Stomping in the Mud

Natural outdoor play environment for children to play outside year-round, featuring some great snapshots of their mud kitchen.

The Mud Center: Recapturing Childhood, Community Playthings

Well-designed and developed mud center that supports a high volume of use.

We Love Mud!, Learning21

An essay about three reasons why the author loves mud and you should too.

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