Walking at Sawhill Ponds, Boulder, CO

Owl Nest - Walking at Sawhill Ponds - Boulder, CO

Imagine being surrounded by a woodland with grasses as high as your waist. A chorus of croaking frogs can be heard from nearby ponds. Hundreds of ants scurry about your feet. In front of you is a tree that stretches … Read more

Grass Skiing at Home

Grass Skiing at Home, Boulder, CO

Last Wednesday, my daughter and I visited Boulder Ski Deals to get my daughter her first pair of skis. Yesterday, they finished adjusting the bindings and I picked the skis up and brought them home so we could start playing … Read more

Biking at Eagle Trail, Boulder CO

Fail - Biking at Eagle Trail, Boulder, CO

Today started like any other adventure day. I had loaded the bikes into the Disco the night before. I had packed our rations and had our clothes all laid out. I was totally psyched to check out a new place, … Read more

Hiking at Green Mountain, Boulder, CO

Trailhead - Hiking at Green Mountain, Boulder, CO

Access to the Green Mountain West Ridge Trail is a quick jaunt from Boulder, CO: head up Flagstaff and just over Flagstaff Mountain, just about a 20 minute drive from downtown. From there to the 8,144′ summit is a tame … Read more

Climbing at Red Rocks, Boulder, CO

Climbing at Red Rocks, Boulder, CO

Approachable from the South (via Settler’s Park off Canyon Blvd) or the North (via Centennial Park along Sunshine Canyon/Mappleton Avenue), the awe-inspiring natural rock formation Red Rocks is drop dead gorgeous, easy to access, and fun for family bouldering. The … Read more

Biking at Wonderland Lake, Boulder, CO

West shore - Biking at Wonderland Lake, Boulder, CO

The last several days we’ve spent moving into our dream house in North Boulder, just blocks away from the wildlife sanctuary Wonderland Lake. Sitting at the base of the foothills, the lake is host to sunfish, bass, ducks, geese, snakes, … Read more

Hiking at Boulder Falls, Boulder, CO

The Falls - Hiking at Boulder Falls, Boulder, CO

With four of the last seven days reaching over 95 degrees Fahrenheit, I was really looking forward to taking my daughter standup paddle boarding at the Boulder Reservoir this morning. But then… the storms came. Afternoon rains. Cooler weather. By … Read more

Mountain Biking at Valmont Bike Park


Growing up I wasn’t much of a mountain biker. The seats are uncomfortable and compared to snow and water sports, the landings always frightened me. But my daughter (like most kids I imagine) loves riding. By age three she’s mastered … Read more