100 Hours Unplugged: Lessons From the San Juan River, 36 Years Later

“Look at that cutie!” Nyla spins towards me, her heels kicking up red dust into the sun-filled canyon of Utah’s San Juan River, raising her hand to show me what she’s got gently clasped between her eight-year-old fingers: a desert … Read more

My Daughter’s First Night Sleeping Under The Stars – In A Hammock, By A Roaring River

Dawn light fills the canyon of the San Juan river, a muddy tributary of the Colorado river that spans the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah and offers an easy-going and scenic float trip for boaters that’s perfect for Read more

[Interview] Belize with kids – best places and things to do

Photo: Pelican Beach Resort – South Water Caye, Belize, Central America

After receiving the unusual once-in-a-lifetime gift of airline tickets to (almost) anywhere in the world, my wife and I began dreaming of escaping the Colorado winter with our family … Read more

2 Part Process for Keeping Children Warm on Sub-Freezing Adventures [INTERVIEW]

It finally snowed here in Boulder, Colorado!, which of course turned my attention to making sure we dress our children appropriately for getting out and staying out in the sub-freezing snowy wonderland. I reached out to my friend, Wil Rickards, … Read more


My daughter has attended Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado, since she was three years old. The school and educational program shares my values of love for nature and the outdoors. When I hear stories from other parents about … Read more

Dreams about Christmas gifts for my family

16 Outdoor Gift n’ Gear Ideas for a Simpler Holiday Season.

This year we’re trying to adopt a simpler gift giving philosophy for Christmas. The idea is one we’ve heard from others where you get each person in your family … Read more

Review: Strider 12 Balance Bike


  • One of the most affordable quality balance bikes around
  • Low seat design fits most toddlers
  • Lightweight steel frame makes for a bike that is easy to control and lasts through multiple children
  • Foam flat-free tires are versatile enough for
Read more

First canoe at Gross Reservoir

In the bow seat, Nyla uses a kayak paddle to provide locomotion as Silas watches water slide off his paddle into the chilly mountain waters. We slowly cross a narrow finger of the reservoir towards a rocky point. Once we … Read more

First mountain bike adventure at Mud Lake

Nyla embraces her little brother, Silas, at the head of the mountain bike trail at Mud Lake. Then, in a flash, the children zoom off into the forest leaving Silas and I in a cloud of dust. Through the woods … Read more

The best water filter for your first backpacking trip

Across the St. Vrain creek a fallen tree lay, soggy, water rushing over and beneath, Nyla and her friends balancing precariously on top to drop an intake line into the glacier-cold current and then pump the filter over and over … Read more