Review: HydroBlu Versa Flow


  • Minimal moving parts makes it easy to use and hard to break
  • Light weight (2 ounces), small, and durable
  • Super versatile and easy to clean
  • 0.1 Micron Hollow Fiber membrane removes 99.999% of all bacteria and protozoan cysts
  • Direct-to-consumer
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Review: M.A.P. Splash Safe Sandals


  • Easy for the children to get on and off by themselves
  • Comfortable for a multi-hour outing
  • Stay on in rigorous conditions
  • Vibrant colors inspired by nature are adored by children
  • Lightweight and fast drying


  • High back on the
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Building a Family Nature Club with Jason Sperling [Podcast]

I am grateful for having had the chance to chat with the folks at about my latest book Unplugged and how to build a Family Nature Club. Check out the interview here:… Read more