My Daughter’s First Night Sleeping Under The Stars – In A Hammock, By A Roaring River

Dawn light fills the canyon of the San Juan river, a muddy tributary of the Colorado river that spans the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah and offers an easy-going and scenic float trip for boaters that’s perfect for families.

The river is roaring this morning running at over 4,000 cubic feet per second. From our camp site, I can see opaque sand waves oscillate in the river, magically seeming to disappear and reappear in the fragile early morning light. I roll over to see – suspended between two trees – my daughter lying in her hammock that she spent the night in. She smiles at me. She looks alive and joyful. This marks her first night ever sleeping outside and under the stars. I hadn’t realized how meaningful it would be to reach this milestone… But I have a lot of history on this river.

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