First canoe at Gross Reservoir

In the bow seat, Nyla uses a kayak paddle to provide locomotion as Silas watches water slide off his paddle into the chilly mountain waters. We slowly cross a narrow finger of the reservoir towards a rocky point. Once we … Read more

First mountain bike adventure at Mud Lake

Nyla embraces her little brother, Silas, at the head of the mountain bike trail at Mud Lake. Then, in a flash, the children zoom off into the forest leaving Silas and I in a cloud of dust. Through the woods … Read more

The best water filter for your first backpacking trip

Across the St. Vrain creek a fallen tree lay, soggy, water rushing over and beneath, Nyla and her friends balancing precariously on top to drop an intake line into the glacier-cold current and then pump the filter over and over … Read more