The Backyard Play Revolution

In The Backyard Play Revolution I share what I learned from six years of research and experimenting, corresponding to the first six years of my daughter’s life (during which time, my son came along and joined in the fun). It is designed to be a short read for time-starved parents and highlights the research that shaped how I parent along with guidance for how you too can transform you backyard.

You can now get the book in paperback, for Kindle, or read it right here on this site. Before becoming a parent, I had never heard of terms like Adventure Playgrounds, Loose Parts, or Playwork, and this book introduces those valuable concepts and practices in a succinct and compelling way. To this day, we still rely on what we learned in this journey and it has made our backyard an Adventure Backyard – the children love it. My hope is that it will motivate you to see your space in a whole new way…

I’m delighted to share The Backyard Play Revolution.

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