Mud Kitchen In A Day

Mud Kitchen In A Day was my first book I wrote and had published. It is designed to be a short read for busy (exhausted!) parents and chronicles the lovely experience I had collaborating with my children over a spring and summer, along with step-by-step how-to instructions for anyone to easily duplicate our efforts.

You can now get the book in paperback, for Kindle, or read it right here on this site. Since publication, I’ve had parents write me and share photos of the simple mud kitchens they’ve created for their children, as well as early childhood educators who have built mud kitchens in their school, inspired by this book. Mud kitchens are a not known widely, which is a shame because of the profound opportunities they offer at home and school. Many of the mud kitchens you will see are elaborate, beautiful constructions, that, at least in our case, intimidated us. This book demystifies mud kitchens and my dearest hope is that it will motivate you to make one the day after you read this book.

I’m delighted to share Mud Kitchen In A Day.

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