Pot Luck | Mountain Biking at Valmont Bike Park

Mountain Biking Jump - Valmont Bike Park, Boulder CO


I was invited to join some friends for a Friday evening ride and potluck at Valmont Bike Park. While my daughter and I have rode Valmont Bike Park before, going with friends (especially older friends) totally inspired my daughter to go farther and longer. We arrived just after 5 PM and started with a long ride on the South side of the park. Then we made our way back to the trailhead and took a break for some pizza and melon, played on the giant flagstones, then went out again around 6:40 PM up the hill to the North East of the trailhead. In total, she rode nearly 2 miles without complaining once. I was pretty impressed and Valmont Bike Park is just incredible. It is massive and we keep finding new and fun tracks to play on. Plus, it is a perfect place for friends to meet up!

(NOTE: she didn’t launch off the log jump picture above. But was brave enough to scoot towards the edge for the cover shot 🙂 )



Besides water, snacks, protection from the elements and a bike, I’m now starting to think more about protective gear. Kids crash. A lot. Besides a helmet, long pants and long-sleeve shirts, gloves and knee pads can make a big difference. I finally bought a pair of kids gloves for my daughter, the fingerless kind. The bike store stopped carrying knee pads (they recommend to check out local skate shops). The gloves helped a ton. There was no blood this time. Of course, my when my daughter fell the last time her knees and finger tips were the victims…!


This was the path we traveled. There are so many trails to follow it’s like exploring a limitless playground. You just have to be careful that you’re riding along paths that are oriented to beginners so the older kids don’t trample you! That being said, traveling around with a pack of kids, I was really impressed how courteous and conscientious other riders were of the little ones.

Route - Mountain Biking - Valmont Bike Park, Boulder CO


Name: Valmont Bike Park
Date: May 31, 2013 5:36 pm
(valid until Nov 27, 2013)
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Distance: 1.70 miles
Elapsed Time: 53:46.6
Avg Speed: 1.9 mph
Max Speed: 8.0 mph
Avg Pace: 31′ 41″ per mile
Min Altitude: 5,231 ft
Max Altitude: 5,322 ft
Start Time: 2013-05-31T23:36:08Z
Start Location:
Latitude: 40º 01′ 51″ N
Longitude: 105º 14′ 03″ W
End Location:
Latitude: 40º 01′ 54″ N
Longitude: 105º 14′ 03″ W