First day in the snow


Over the holidays we completed gearing up for skiing and then had our first day in the snow!

For Christmas I bought my daughter and myself each a ski helmet and balaclava (ski mask). She already had skis and boots for the season (rented in September from Boulder Ski Deals). A couple days after Christmas I dropped by Crystal Sports and rented skis, boots, and poles for the season for myself. While we only had about six inches of snow in town, it was a good opportunity for us to trial run our equipment in the backyard.

We get our gear on and walk out to the backyard in our ski boots. We walk in a circle and make sounds like a cho cho train. We practice falling and getting back up. We put our skis on and experiment walking – awkwardly – around the flats.

I demonstrate skiing down the slope in our yard, out through the gate, and down the hillside of the greenbelt. I attach the ski tips connector to my daughters skis and assist her in following my tracks down the hillside. She starts complaining about how difficult it all is and how she can’t do it. We crawl back up the hillside.

She decides skiing isn’t for her at all and demands we remove our goggles. Then she wobbles up the stairs to our deck and begins setting up a feast of snow and invites me to dine with her. We play around on the deck for the next half hour in our ski gear.

I mention the idea of going to Eldora tomorrow. She says she wants to go sledding. Sledding it is!