Hiking at Royal Arch, Boulder, CO

Trail - Hiking at Royal Arch, Boulder, CO

Today we hiked the Royal Arch trail from Chautauqua trailhead. From Chautauqua, the Flatirons appear as giant stone monoliths and infuse the air with an alluring sense of awe. The Royal Arch trail leads directly into the belly of the Flatirons. Making it all the way to the arch offers a unique look at a natural formation that is visible looking outward from the mountain. While the trail is rigorous for adults, I was curious how far my daughter and I could make it. However, with a day packed full of errands and my daughter feeling rather unmotivated today, just over a half mile in we found ourselves snacking on a large house rock that became our final destination. After a few bites to eat, we ran all the way back down to the trailhead.


The Adventure


View of the Flatirons closer to the base from our snack spot on the large house rock.

Flatirons - Hiking at Royal Arch, Boulder, CO


We snack on dried mango, one of favorite trail rewards.
Mango - Hiking at Royal Arch, Boulder, CO




Another hike where we experiment with MotionX-GPS app on my iPhone.

Route - Hiking at Royal Arch, Boulder, CO

Some of the meta data MotionX-GPS provided for this hike:

Distance: 1.09 miles

Elapsed Time: 1:12:45
Avg Speed: 0.9 mph
Max Speed: 7.6 mph
Avg Pace: 66′ 50″ per mile
Min Altitude: 5,699 ft
Max Altitude: 6,082 ft


My refined gear list for these short hikes, most of which I have packed and ready to go:

  • Bathroom: Shovel, toilet paper in ziplock, extra bag for used paper
  • Navigation: Trail map, compass
  • Carrying: two backpacks, walking sticks
  • Medical: Band aids, handkerchief
  • Animal Sighting: Bird identification guide, binoculars
  • Food: Beef Jerky, Almonds, Dried Mango, Chocolate Square, Apple, Crackers, Seaweed, Pretzels Snack Mix
  • Water: two water bottles
  • Recording: Camera, Camera bag