Hiking at Tenderfoot Loop Trail, Boulder, CO

Hiking at Tenderfoot Loop Trail, Boulder, CO

The Tenderfoot Loop Trail is an ideal beginner trail – it is just over two miles long with minimal elevation change. It is accessed at the top of Flagstaff Mountain and affords scenic views of Indian Peaks throughout the hike.

While it is an ideal trail for a beginner, I discovered my daughter had less energy than usual and after getting nearly half-way around the loop she refused to walk. Rather than push it (the second half of the loop is longer and more challenging than the first half) we returned the same way we had come. I carry my daughter on my shoulders off and on the whole way back.


The Adventure


8:45 AM

After picking up Poppy and driving up Flagstaff we arrive at the trailhead. It is windy and chilly. We throw on our coats, hats, and backpacks. We grab our homemade walking sticks (first test in the field!) and head out.

8:53 AM

My daughter learns about tree-ring dating. We estimate the tree is 95 years old.

Tree-ring dating - Hiking at Tenderfoot Loop Trail, Boulder, CO

8:58 AM

Poppy selects a tree limb to use as a walking stick for the hike and shows his selection to my daughter.

9:23 AM

My daughter is tired and takes a break. She lays on her back on the trail and chews on a piece of homemade beef jerky. Snow-capped mountains appear in the distance.

Snack Break - Hiking at Tenderfoot Loop Trail, Boulder, CO

We perform rock ballet. My daughter gets dizzy and falls off the trail! She puts herself back together and bows. We trail run. We collect and smell sage. We collect quartz specimens. We look at beetle tracks on trees.

9:55 AM
We arrive at the overlook. We sit and have Chocolate as reward.

Indian Peaks Overlook - Hiking at Tenderfoot Loop Trail, Boulder, CO

Poppy demonstrates how to sight using our compass.

Compass Navigation - Hiking at Tenderfoot Loop Trail, Boulder, CO




On our last adventure using the Strava app and my iPhone was unsuccessful. This time I experimented with MotionX-GPS app on my iPhone. MotionX-GPS has a lot more bells and whistles. I’m going to experiment with a bit over the next couple of adventures and see how it compares.

Route - Hiking at Tenderfoot Loop Trail, Boulder, CO



Took the same stuff essentially as 2 days prior, with the addition of our homemade walking sticks!

  • Bathroom: Shovel, toilet paper in ziplock, extra bag for used paper
  • Navigation: Trail map, compass
  • Carrying: two backpacks
  • Medical: Band aids
  • Animal Sighting: Bird identification guide, binoculars
  • Food: Beef Jerky, Almonds, Dried Mango, Chocolate Square, Apple, Crackers, Seaweed, Pretzels Snack Mix
  • Water: two water bottles
  • Recording: Camera, Camera bag
  • Wish I had: handkerchief for the occasionally runny nose.