Hiking at Anne U. White, Boulder, CO

Hiking at Anne U. White, Boulder, CO

To increase the frequency of our adventures, I’ve decide to experiment with mid-week trips in the early morning. Today we decided to go to Anne U. White, which tends to be a rather untraveled trail (only a few spots at the trailhead parking area) that winds up into the hills alongside and criss-crossing Fourmile Creek. It’s a fun and beautiful hike but today the stormy weather kept our trip shorter than expected.

6:20 AM

We wake up. With our clothes and backpacks set out from the night before, getting ready is quick – or should be. The long underwear for my daughter is itchy. She will not wear it. Under no circumstances. Amazing, since she’s worn it many times before. We negotiate into another pair of under garments. After collecting some snacks (should have packed these the night before too) we are on our way.

7:00 AM

The temperate is 45 degrees. Chilly, but doable. We head to Moe’s Bagels to grab a bite to eat. Time seems to stretch on and it takes us more than 30 minutes at the bagel shop. We hit the road.

7:38 AM

We arrive and are the only ones at the trailhead. My daughter charges and we run up the trail, holding hands. She loves trail running. Loves it. We arrive at a sign warning of mountain lions. At first we walk silently, listening to the woods. We don’t hear any traces of the cats. Then something booms and if the sound wasn’t so close we might be terrified. For the next ten minutes we yell into the crisp morning air, “rar!”, and run at full tilt.

Coming to some boulders alongside the trail we begin to rock climb. My daughter announces she’s a rock climber as she uses her chest to grab hold of the rock face. A few more pulls up the rock and we notice our fingers are chilly. The temperature seems to be dropping. Is a storm rolling in??

We decend from the rocks to the trail. A few more gallops into the hills and we decide we are not dressed properly. We turn around and run like race cars back to the trailhead.

8:00 AM

Back in car the temperature is now 36 degrees. We drive home, pass a half-dozen deer grazing in the nearby forest.



  • Backpack
  • Fanny pack
  • Fleece
  • Vest
  • Hats
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Recording equipment (camera)


(click for interactive route)

Route - Hiking at Anne U. White, Boulder, CO





Check the weather forecast the night before to ensure having the appropriate gear.

Packing the night before is helpful, but it took nearly 30 minutes at the bagel shop to eat – which could have been spent on the trial had I prepared some kind of food for breakfast the night before.

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