Hiking at Sanitas – Dakota Ridge, Boulder, CO

Silver Lake Ditch - Hiking Sanitas - Dakota Ridge Trail, Boulder, CO

The history of Sanitas is fascinating: in the late 1800’s, the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium and Hospital was established at Mapleton and 4th by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. As part of an effort to encourage health, trails to the summit were completed … Read more

Hiking at NCAR, Boulder, CO

Scouting - Hiking at NCAR, Boulder, CO

It was a chilly morning, with frost on the foothills and crystal blue skies. To enjoy the beautiful day, we decided to explore the trails accessed via NCAR. The morning began cold enough for winter coats and gloves but quickly … Read more

Hiking at Anne U. White, Boulder, CO

Hiking at Anne U. White, Boulder, CO

To increase the frequency of our adventures, I’ve decide to experiment with mid-week trips in the early morning. Today we decided to go to Anne U. White, which tends to be a rather untraveled trail (only a few spots at … Read more