Grass Skiing at Home

Grass Skiing at Home, Boulder, CO

Last Wednesday, my daughter and I visited Boulder Ski Deals to get my daughter her first pair of skis. Yesterday, they finished adjusting the bindings and I picked the skis up and brought them home so we could start playing with them. Today my daughter had her first day on skis in the great outdoors!

12:19 PM

Still in our PJs we unload our gear from my SUV and carry it around to the back of the house and set it in the grass. We put on socks and then boots, buckling them down tight. We walk around our gear pile in a big circle. We side step. We front step.

12:28 PM

We place our skis parallel to each other. I instruct my daughter to step between her skis. I help her step her ski boot into each binding, one at a time. Then I put on my skis. We lift our left leg. We lift our right leg. We fall down to the left side and scramble to get back up. We fall down to the right side. My daughter is weaker on this side so I help lift her back up.

We walk around our gear pile. We take off our skis. We walk around in our boots some more.

12:35 PM

We get the idea to go ski down the hill outside our backyard gate in the greenbelt. The hill is steep enough that we can actually slide down in our skis. We bend our knees and slide. At the bottom we kind of crash, untangle ourselves, take off our skis, and walk and crawl up to the top of the hill.

At the top, we decide to do it again. Buckle back up. Slide back down. We end up doing it a third time. Then we walk home.


Fun first day with skis! Now we just need some snow!!

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