Biking at Eagle Trail, Boulder CO

Fail - Biking at Eagle Trail, Boulder, CO

Today started like any other adventure day. I had loaded the bikes into the Disco the night before. I had packed our rations and had our clothes all laid out. I was totally psyched to check out a new place, especially since the rest of the weekend is dedicated to applying joint compound to the nursery in our new home.

We made it to the trailhead before eight in the morning and we spotted a calf and her momma running in a nearby paddock within the first 100′ feet of our ride. That, along with crisp, crystal, blue skies seemed like a good sign…

But after just a few minutes on the Eagle Trail my daughter abandoned her balance bike, for good. The main trail, a road, is gravel. The nearby single track is also quite rocky. It seems peddles and inflatable tires are required to transverse this type of terrain. We returned to my SUV and decided to head over to Valmont Bike Park where we played around on Dirt 101, Skillz Loop, Tot Track, and Dirt Jumps for half an hour before calling it a day. You can see today’s route here or check out our previous trip Mountain Biking at Valmont Bike Park for a more complete account of what to expect there.

Mental note: balance bikes are well-suited for hard pack or cement, not gravel or rugged single tracks.


Eagle Trail

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