Train ride on the Georgetown Loop Railroad


Engine - Georgetown Loop Railroad

It wasn’t until my daughter came along that I ever made a connection between the name Thomas and railroad trains. First came books. Then shows. Then toys. Unconditional love? She’s got it in spades, for Thomas the Tank Engine. So for her third birthday when I tried to think of an experience that would be really  meaningful for her, it struck me that riding a real train could be pretty profound.

Operated for passengers and freight from 1899 to 1938, the Georgetown Loop Railroad runs along a spectacular stretch of three-foot narrow gauge railroad that was considered an engineering marvel for its time. The track scales from Georgetown to Silver Plume (both once-thriving mountain towns), snaking along a narrow mountain canyon, including horseshoe curves, steep grades, and four bridges that cross Clear Creek. While the trip is less than an hour in total, it made for a perfect introduction into the real thing.

The Adventure

Gazing over the rails at the snow dusted tracks and pine trees.

Devils Gate High Bridge - Georgetown Loop Railroad

The tracks “scale an elevation of 640 feet over mountainous terrain, requiring trestles, cuts, fills, loops, and curves totaling 3.1 miles of narrow gauge track.”

Narrow gauge railroad  - Georgetown Loop Railroad

Filling up with water in Silver Plume.

Silver Plume - Water - Georgetown Loop Railroad

Perfect blue skies.

Silver Plume- Georgetown Loop Railroad

Returning over Devil’s Gate High Bridge.

Trestle - Georgetown Loop Railroad

The track offers beautiful views of Clear Creek with four bridge crossings.

Clear Creek - Georgetown Loop Railroad


  • Winter coats
  • Winter hat
  • Mittens
  • Camera
  • Camera bag
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Wish we had: something to sit on that would keep our bums dry!



  • Pick a date
  • Book tickets
  • Check the weather
  • Pack
  • Ride the train!
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